Current status of lessons as of 31.08.20

Hello everybody. It’s been a while since I last posted any news and that’s because, up until the COVID-19 pandemic, lessons were running regularly.

Since the government declared lockdown back in April, I switched over to teaching online with the pupils I already had and didn’t take any new pupils. While I do believe online lessons are effective, I feel that it’s a lot easier to demonstrate concepts to a beginner in person.

That said, I’m now offering lessons to new pupils (with the first hour free, as usual). There are a few requirements I have:

  • Pupils must already have a piano or keyboard. I know there are some beginners who prefer to try a lesson before committing to the cost of buying an instrument, which is fine for in person lessons, but won’t work online.
  • Pupils must be able to set up a webcam/laptop/tablet/phone at one end of the instrument so that it’s possible to see the length of the keyboard plus your hands, arms and torso. This view will probably leave your head outside of the camera, which is a little strange, especially when talking, but necessary for each of us to see what’s being demonstrated or practised and general posture.
  • For kids (especially those who are beginners), I require that a parent or guardian is in the room with them for at least the first few lessons and is willing to learn alongside them. Some kids can be very shy coming along for lessons in person and I imagine that that goes double for online lessons. If the parent/guardian wants to continue learning alongside them for longer than the first few lessons, that’s fine by me.

As I mentioned previously, the first hour will be free. I offer this for in person lessons to make sure that pupils are absolutely happy with me as a teacher before they begin paying; for online lessons it’s also to make sure that pupils get a chance to decide whether online lessons are for them and to sort out any technical issues that may arise.

Finally, since it’s always a leap starting lessons with someone new, I plan to create and upload some tutorial videos aimed at beginners so people can get an idea of what my teaching is like.

Thanks for reading and stay safe.

Christmas/New Year offer 2018

In the run up to Christmas, money can be tight. So, from November 15th until January 15th, when booking a block of five lessons, new pupils will get a sixth lesson free. Sounds like the perfect gift for the musically inclined!

  • Six 60 minute lessons for the price of five will be: £120
  • Six 30 minute lessons for the price of five will be £70

If you come across this post in a later year, please check the offers page for current pricing and offers.

Lessons starting up again

Hello all,

I’m now back from the first segment of my Feldenkrais training in Chiemsee, full of new ideas about learning, and eager to start teaching again. Expect some more posts about learning on my blog shortly.

Lessons are at the usual times for current pupils unless we arranged differently beforehand.

New pupils feel free to enquire about your free initial lesson. I’m now offering an hour free, rather than half an hour as before, because I think it allows pupil and teacher to get to know each other better, and allows the pupil to judge more accurately what length of lesson would be best for them.

For all pupils, old or new, remember that for every friend you refer to me for regular lessons you can get an hour’s free tuition. Check out the new offers page regularly for the most up to date offers.