The Feldenkrais Method

I’m currently not teaching any regular Awareness Through Movement classes, but if you’re interested in the method and would like to arrange a lesson for yourself, or a group please get in touch. Lessons will be given online via Skype or Zoom.

In addition to my music lessons, I’m also a practitioner of The Feldenkrais Method. I finished my four years of training at the Chiemsse with Jerry Karzen in October 2017, which means I’m qualified to teach Awareness Through Movement group classes and also one-on-one Functional Integration lessons. Since then, I’ve also completed Jeff Haller’s IOPS Basel training.

In Awareness Through Movement classes, we use slow, gentle movements to gain awareness of how we’re moving. We’re effectively feeding our brain and nervous system new information in the form of kinaesthetic sensations. With this new information, our nervous system can re-organise our movements to better fit the current situations.

In Functional Integration lessons, the practitioner works hands on with the client to find easier ways of moving. Easier movement leads to an easier quality of life. Using the method it’s possible to resolve aches and pains that may have existed for years, to retrain movements that have caused injuries (I initially came to the method to deal with tendonitis caused by how I was playing the piano. I now play pain free and at a much higher level). It can also prevent injuries, or be used as a means to improve performance (it’s often used by athletes, dancers, musicians and various other performers).