Evanescence – Hello (solo piano arrangement)

Hello, everybody!

This week’s video is a piano arrangement of Hello by Evanescence. I transcribed just the piano part of this years ago, but decided recently to include the vocal and cello parts on the piano.

It was an interesting one to work on – it’s a highly personal song for the writer, Amy Lee, as it’s about her sister dying. The original track only has one vocal part to reflect that – no harmonies or backing vocals. I retained this in my arrangement, rather than varying the different verses and choruses by harmonising the melody or reinforcing it with octaves.

The piano part of the original track is already quite interesting – nothing hugely complex to draw your attention away from the singing, but with enough variety not to be boring. The song effectively arranged itself for solo piano – I didn’t have to do much to it, just occasionally remove notes from the accompaniment so as not to clash with the melody. Let me know what you think of it!

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