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ZERO – Resident Evil Zero (piano solo cover)

Hello, everybody!

This week’s video is a solo piano arrangement of ‘ZERO’, a piece of music that plays in the opening cutscene of Resident Evil Zero. The original is piano and some kind of bowed string (possibly violin, though it is raspier than most violins are played, so might be a bowed string that originates outside of Europe).

There are a couple of chord movements in this piece that I really like. Both are similar ideas – moving minor chords a third up or down. The first one is Gm to Bm, a movement of a major third. This is a very strong movement as there are two semitone movements involved (B-flat up to B and G down to F-sharp).

The second movement is from Em to Gm – a minor third in this case, so only one semitone movement, but it still has a strong effect.

I’d be interested to hear whether anyone think that having the string part on piano lessens the creepiness.