Lessons update 31.03.22

Hello, everybody.

I haven’t posted here for more than a month, so I’d like to give an update on why that was how things are going.

At the end of last year I spent three months living in Kyiv, Ukraine. My wife (who is Ukrainian) and I got married during that time. Once my visa free 90 days were up, I came back to the UK, got a visa, and went back to Ukraine with the intent of staying there for longer. I was teaching my pupils from England remotely during that time, via Skype and Zoom.

One week after I received my temporary residency permission, the Russian military invaded and started the horrific war that has caused so much, death, destruction, and disruption to peoples’ lives. My wife and I were displaced by the war – it took us about a month to make it from Kyiv to Sheffield, via Poland and Germany. Obviously during that time I wasn’t teaching at all and outside of updating my current pupils, didn’t think of updating this website.

Now that I’m in Sheffield again, I’m restarting face to face lessons as well as continuing with online lessons for those that prefer them. I’ll be happy to take on new pupils – anyone interested can get in touch the usual way through the contact form. I’m glad to be teaching after the forced break and glad to be able to continue making music.

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