My teaching is based around the individuality of each student, making sure that they have a strong technical foundation and the knowledge to progress by themselves, so that eventually they’ll get to the point where they don’t need to come to me for lessons.

I don’t teach to any particular syllabus or method as everyone learns at a different pace. That said, there are basic skills that every musician needs to learn, for these I use my own teaching materials. I’m happy to enter people for exams if they wish, but exams are not a requirement in my lessons.

Below is some information about the different types of lessons I teach.


Whatever style you want to learn, I can help you progress and reach your goals. I can show you how your hands work best at the keyboard and how that knowledge allows you to create the sound you want – technique is never divorced from musical content. I’m also happy to teach you how to read music and how to play by ear. So if Chopin is causing confusion; if Beethoven is battering you down; or a Bill Evans chord voicing is proving bewildering, I can help.


Perhaps you want to make use of the orchestral potential of modern keyboards for performance; or want to learn how to use a keyboard as a MIDI controller for recording? Maybe you’re inspired by the progressive keyboard virtuosity of Rick Wakeman, Keith Emerson or Jordan Rudess and want to know how to integrate your playing with a band? Either way, I can teach you the technique to play more effectively and show you how to use the the powerful technology that is the modern keyboard.


Whether you guitar of choice is electric or acoustic, I can show you how to improve. Maybe you want to use the guitar to accompany your singing, but don’t know how to further your knowledge of chords? Perhaps you want to improve your knowledge of music theory to give you more choice when improvising or composing solos, or to develop your songwriting? Whatever your situation, I’m happy to help you progress.


Maybe you learned music theory for an exam and then forgot it all because no one ever showed you the practical applications; perhaps you write songs intuitively but would like to understand better what you’re doing and open up more options; or maybe you’re comfortable writing music for your own instrument, but want to learn how to orchestrate effectively for a band or ensemble of unfamiliar instruments? Creativity is a combination of intuition and knowledge and I can help you learn what you need to know to create the music you want.